NV Energy Will Shut Your Power Off In The Summer

We Las Vegans have been told for many years now that our power can’t be shut off in the middle of the summer due to health risks.  Our local media perpetuates this myth by reporting about it every year.

I always wondered how people always seem to get the dreaded pink disconnect notice if the power can’t be shut off.  I figured the rule only applied to those already on government assistance.  However, today I learned the truth.

Today, a friend of mine called (not the same friend who skipped jury duty) to tell me how NV Energy shut his power off.

He was one month behind, and had planned on paying Friday when he got paid.  He didn’t make it.

He called NV Energy up to find out why they shut his power off while only being a month behind, and he expressed concern that they shut it off in the summer anyway with little warning.

Here’s the NV law about shutting off power in summer.

NV law forbids shutting off power when the temperature is over 105 degrees.  You’re supposed to get an additional 30 days to pay the bill.  Then they can disconnect.

The NV Energy rep explained to him that they don’t shut off power if the temperature is over 105.  It didn’t get that high today, but it will be 110 this weekend.  When he pointed this out, the rep told him that it wasn’t 105 when they shut his power off in the morning. Therefore, the rules don’t really apply.

NV Energy can, and will, shut your power off at the coolest part of the day in order to comply with the law.  So long as it is not 105 when they disconnect your service, they are not breaking any laws.  Even if that same day’s projected high is 120.

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