Man Given Ticket For Flipping Off Other Driver

Remember the guy who flipped off police officers, and was awarded some money after they issued him a ticket for doing so?

With that story all over the national news media, why on Earth would an officer ticket somebody who flipped off another driver?


“He asked me if I knew why he had stopped me,” Pogue said. “I said I didn’t. He said, ‘Really?’ I said, ‘Really.’ He said, ‘Think back to that intersection back there.'”

So Pogue was given a ticket for flipping off the car that had blocked the intersection.

The law doesn’t exist on the books.  The officer used another law that says:

nor shall any person extend any part of his body outside the vehicle except the hand and arm for signaling purposes only.

Yeah, like they enforce that one.  I’m sure everyone with a convertible gets tickets on a regular basis.  What about people who hang their elbows and feet outside the window?Though, the latter should be a ticketed offense in my opinion.

The courts have already ruled you have the right to flip someone off.  Expect a lawsuit.



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