More Police & Government Abuse: Reporters Arrested For Documenting A Public Meeting


Jim Epstein discusses his arrest at DC Taxicab Commission meeting.

I have been facing similar abuse from government authorities lately (except I haven’t been arrested yet).  In my case it’s the department of unemployment here in Nevada.  I recently caught their employees lying to me, tried to rectify the problem to no avail, and finally posted the audio recordings (I had permission to record) online.  That finally got their attention, and I removed the post as a part of the deal to give me the money I was owed. Now they refuse to speak to me unless I’m not recording, and started a personal crusade against me.

More and more police officers are allowing themselves to be used as pawns by abusive government to suppress the people.  And some don’t think the Oath Keepers are a necessary organization.

The man filming the journalist’s arrest works for Reason, and he was also subsequently arrested.

For the record, neither man broke the law.  Both were fully within their rights to record per D.C. Code § 23-542.  The Taxi Cab Authority and the police officers are guilty of breaking the law themselves.

This is becoming all to common.



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