Video: Ferrari D-Bag Goes All D-Bag Like On Sissy Cab Driver In Vegas Road Rage Incident

Ferrari Enzo Ferrari

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Ferrari drivers have a D-Bag stigma for a reason, so many of them are … well … D-Bags. Hell, the only reason we have Lamborghini is because Enzo Ferrari was himself a giant D-Bag.

Watch as a cab driver gets into fisticuffs (sort of) with a Ferrari driver in the parking lot of Fry’s Electronics here in Las Vegas. Fry’s has an epic reputation for being one of the worst parking lots in the city due to high traffic volume off of Las Vegas Blvd.

D-Bag Ferrari driver is mad because his Ferrari driving self is more important than anyone in the world, and the cabbie just starts wailing like a four year old who had his binky stolen from him. Great. Vegas will be in the news again.


From the guy who shot the video… ” Just a quick update for all who are curious: At the end of the video you’ll notice I stopped after the cab driver got knocked out (and fell into the Ferrari). That was when I decided this was no longer entertaining and noticed not one person on the scene had called the police. I called, filled out a report, handed this video to the Taxi Cab Authority, Metro Police and the Cab Driver’s lawyers. There was NO COLLISION involved! Just a case of road rage.


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