Members Of Congress Sue Obama Over Illegal Libya Action

More limp-wristing from members of Congress on this issue. Obama is in a full-fledged state of breaking the law, an impeachable offence. Yet, Congress still won’t act as a legitimate body of government to resolve this issue.

A bipartisan group of legislators is now suing Obama for the illegal action in Libya.  The rest of Congress seems content to take no action beyond stern verbal warnings that they may do something at a later date.

The President seems to think that all he has to do is send some reports, or have a chat with Congress, and then he’s in good legal standing.  Fact is, he’s not.  He’s blatantly breaking the law, and there is no argument against this fact.

I broke down why Libya is illegal (and Iraq isn’t) here.

Impeachment is nasty business, but Congress cannot allow the President of the United States to flout their authority and break the law.

Republicans should at least attempt impeachment if Obama doesn’t reverse course on Libya for their own selfish election prospects.  Democrats, who wanted Bush impeached, should cast their hypocrisy aside and steer their moral compass due north.


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