Video: Police Assault Man In Wheelchair, Claim He Fell


Here’s the statement from the police on this incident:

On Thursday, May 19, the Metro Transit Police on routine patrol at the U St. Metrorail station observed a patron in a wheelchair drinking an alcoholic beverage. The officers asked the patron to leave the area and he refused. The officers then attempted to issue the patron a citation and when the patron refused to comply with the issuance of a citation he was told that he would be placed under arrest. The patron resisted arrest which resulted in him falling out of his wheelchair. The patron was arrested for assault on a police officer and drinking in public.

The patron was transported to a local hospital with a minor injury.

Metro Transit Police are following up on this report.

Steven Taubenkibel
Public Information Officer
WMATA-Office of Media Relations
P: 202 962 2474

Clearly the police are lying, at least about his ‘falling.’  The man is in a wheelchair and posed no credible threat to officers.  There was no reason to pull him out of the chair violently, and throw him face first into the ground.  And they are charging HIM with assault?


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