Boyfriend Faces Jail Time For Abortion Billboard

AP Photo/Alamogordo Daily News, J.R. Oppenheim

Have I had some fights with ignorant women on abortion in my time. My stance hasn’t been pro-abortion, or pro-life. It’s been the rights of the father, and the hypocrisy of our legal system in this matter.

The billboard above is in New Mexico, and the man who erected it has been told by the courts to take it down or face jail time.  He says he will not take it down.

The court ruled that the billboard was a form of harassment, even though he doesn’t use the likeness of the girlfriend in the ad.

If this billboard is considered harassment by the courts, then surely this form of vandalism is harassment.

The issue of abortion aside, this man did the right thing. He stood up for his rights and the rights of fathers everywhere. If our legal system was fair and equal with regards to abortion then one of two things would be in place.

1) Either the father would have equal say in whether the child is to be born or aborted


2) The father would not be liable for child support if the mother decided to keep the baby

As it stands now, only the woman gets to make any decisions. What if the father wants the child to be born, and wants to seek custody? He can’t do that because he has no rights. However, if the father wants the mother to get an abortion, he’s still on the hook for child support if she gives birth. That doesn’t make any sense, and is clearly legal hypocrisy.

If the man has no say in the child being born, then he should have no obligation if the child is born.

Right about now some harpie will start foaming at the mouth about how the man has an ‘obligation’ to contribute to the child because he has a ‘responsibility.’ Really? Why? The woman has no such obligation to her responsibility. If she wants to sidestep her obligation she can get an abortion.  Why does she get an option to ignore her responsibility, but he doesn’t?

All I’m saying is that the father either gets equal say for equal responsibility, or he doesn’t get equal say and, therefore, doesn’t have equal responsibility.

Abortion laws are all hypocritical in this way.

Why can a woman be arrested for breast-feeding while intoxicated, but faces no charges for doing drugs late in her pregnancy?

Why is it legal to get an abortion at 18 weeks, but it’s murder of someone else kills that same 18 week old fetus?

Why is it legal to have someone else perform your abortion, but it’s a crime if you do it yourself?

Why can you sue for the cost of raising your child if you had a failed attempt to abort said child?

If 1 in 30 aborted babies are born alive, why isn’t it murder?

Have you ever seen what a baby looks like who’s born when a legal abortion can be performed?

Is this a human baby?

My friend and mentor, Jay McFarland, has always said he’s waiting for a case where a woman loses her child in a car accident on the way to an abortion clinic.  What will the charges be?


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