MSNBC Host Cites Non-Existent Law To Attack Palin

Another reason why foreigners should not be in the American press.

The US Flag Code used to be law.  It was struck down in 1989 by the US Supreme Court as unconstitutional.  As was the subsequent Flag Protection Act of 1989.

Today, the Flag Code is merely a guide to properly display and care for the flag.  It is not a law as Bashir cited, and there is no penalty.  Do we really need anymore proof that the press has become lazy, and will no longer do even a simple Google search?



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  1. This freak mentions Stars and Stripes twice in his effort to disrespect Sara, however our Flags Union (stars) does not appear on that bus, therefore just showing red and white stripes are not inappropriate.

  2. Casey,
    If you get a chance, make an effort to contact Carl’s Junior Corporate office.
    I did yesterday, and again today.
    I couldn’t believe my eyes as I was heading out of town to go camping over the weekend when I saw a goofy looking advertising flag of theirs flying on the same pole just under the American Flag with their Star on it. Just a disrespectful attempt at advertising.