How You Know The DNC Is Clueless

To all of my audience members … What is an illegal alien/undocumented worker?  A FUGITIVE!  Nothing more, nothing less.

Gee, whoda thought something illegal should be considered a crime?

Now if you want to change the fact that it’s a crime, have at it.  Just don’t present yourself like a complete flap-tard by saying criminal activity isn’t criminal activity.


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  1. You want to spend a hundred trillion dollars to arrest twelve million people and build our own version of the Great Wall of China?
    That’ll really help with our deficit problem.

    • Not once, not at all, did I suggest or even mention that in the post. Of course, we’ve already spent hundreds of millions of dollars on the fence program (now stopped). Funny you should mention China though. They built a border fence using common sense a little while back.

      The assertion that there needs to be a massive roundup of illegals (and the associated, and fabricated costs) is an idea only floated by the most absurd of simpletons. Truth is, you don’t need hardly any money, or effort to curtail the problem. If a business knowingly breaks the law in hiring illegals, pull their business license. Here’s the trick though, you actually have to enforce the law as it stands now. If there isn’t work for them, they go home. It’s already been proven by communities that have cracked down on it.

      Considering allowing illegals to continue to come to the US and work for low wages is essentially supporting indentured servitude, I’m surprised how many people support it. I guess they aren’t dark enough for some people to care eh?