10 Questions About Bin Laden’s Death, & My Response To Them All

I ran across an interesting article in the UK Telegraph that asked 10 questions about Osama’s death.  Given that the federal government can’t get their act together on the information surrounding this operation, I figured it would be fun to respond to each of the author’s questions individually.  That way he can get some perspective from an American who actually has military experience

Why did Barack Obama choose to kill Osama bin Laden rather than attempt to capture him?

What part of ‘Dead or Alive’ do you not comprehend?

Osama is of little value to us alive.  He can’t (and likely wouldn’t) provide us with any meaningful intel.  We know his influence was seriously degraded.

Even if it wasn’t, our country’s new leaders shy away from the tactics necessary to make him talk.  Then there’s the whole civilian trial nonsense.  If he was captured alive, he’d likely be put on trial in our court system in spite of that being completely out of the historic norm.  Can you imagine the backlash in the US if he went on trial here?  Better to be dead and rid of him.  That’s what Americans have wanted all along anyway.

Was Pakistan complicit in the attack?

The better question would be ‘What Pakistani government agency was complicit in the attack?’

I can almost guarantee that the ISI was not informed, but there is a chance that some in the executive were aware.  There’s also a chance that we just did it, consequences be damned.  Although unlikely, we do have the capability.

Was bin Laden betrayed?

Maybe.  We know that it was human intelligence in August that originally tipped us off to his location.  The cell phone thing is just a secondary part of the story at this point.  Did that human intelligence come from betrayal, or was there actually a Pakistani in the area that recognized Osama?  Remember the Pakistani who live tweeted the attack?  He didn’t know Osama was in the hood, but maybe one of his neighbors noticed.

How much will Barack Obama milk this?

All the way to the bank!  What politician facing a tough reelection wouldn’t?  Polls don’t show a bump in Obama’s approval now, but the story will likely be very different come election time.  Could Obama wait until the election to release the photos?  Hmmm.

Will the White House release pictures of bin Laden’s corpse?

They say yes, then no, and then they cite security concerns over the release of the photos.  Meanwhile, a bunch of other photos from the assault have been released.  What gives!?  You’d think leaked photos of the raid would include bin Laden’s.

If not photos of his dead body on the floor, then why not photos of the honorable attempt at burial?  Ultimately, the country is going to force Obama’s hand if the MSM doesn’t find a way to steal the photos anyway.  This is not an unreasonable request, and it needs to be done to satisfy American curiosity and put our minds at ease.

Another thing, my Show of Hands app had a poll about releasing the photos today.  Women and Democrats opposed releasing them, while men, Republicans, and independents all supported it.  What’s that all about?

Was the helicopter shot down?

No.  The official story is that it had mechanical problems en route, and the team decided to go in anyway knowing they may not have a ride home.  The other story I heard was that the helicopter didn’t have enough lift.  Which is, of course, nonsense.

Who will be the first Republican to criticize Obama?

Criticize him about what exactly.  You didn’t address that in your article.  Criticize the raid?  The speech after the raid?  For not releasing the photos?

I haven’t heard any major Republican criticize the raid, quite the contrary.  His speech was criticized for being a bit too self-serving, and he’s catching a ton of legitimate flak today for not releasing the photos.

How will this affect the Arab Spring?

Your assertion that bin Laden’s death will hasten the spread of democracy in the Middle East is wonderfully juvenile.

Will opinion shift on the justification for and effectiveness of Bush’s harsh detention and interrogation regime?

Among the public … no.  Joy Behar kind of makes that clear.  Those who support interrogation will celebrate its success, those who don’t … won’t.  It should be noted that Obama has repeatedly opposed Bush era tactics publicly, but has maintained those policies and supported them privately.

Will bin Laden’s death hasten a US withdrawal from Afghanistan?

No.  While I’ve seen many hope that is the case, I don’t see how it’s possible.  Bin Laden was run out of Afghanistan a long time ago, and we stayed to ensure a regime like the Taliban would not protect another terrorist mastermind.  There’s been too much progress to withdraw. Is it possible that terrorists in that country will scale back on their attacks because their spiritual leader is dead? Sure. Is that happening anytime soon? I doubt it.


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