Obama Makes The Case For Iraq Invasion While Addressing Libya

barack-obama-2008040309294309hg2Of course, he doesn’t realize he defended the coalition that invaded Iraq.  Nor will his supporters recognize this revelation.

Obama addressed the situation in Libya today, and sounded an awful lot like Bush leading up to the invasion of Iraq.  He talked about how Qaddafi was butchering his own people, had no regard for his citizens, could destabilize the region, and had defied the international community who sought non-military resolutions to this problem.  He demanded that Qaddafi stop his attacks, and allow humanitarian assistance from the international community in.  Sound familiar?

He did stop short of demanding Qaddafi step down.  That is in stark contrast to the Bush administration who demanded Saddam step down.  If he had, there would never have been an invasion.

Obama also made it clear that the U.S. is not going it alone, and we are not in the lead.  In fact, the U.S. has been dethroned as the world’s leader by France.  France has taken the lead in the middle east, and in Japan, while the U.S. watches basketball.

I should also point out that the number of allies enforcing this no fly zone are smaller than the ‘coalition of the willing’ that invaded Iraq.  Which was larger than the coalition in the first Gulf War.

So I guess Obama now understands that it’s the right thing to do to step in militarily in the Middle East when a dictator is butchering his people, and defying the international community.  That’s something he previously admitted he didn’t understand.

For the record, we WERE greeted as liberators.  The insurgency started nearly a year after Saddam fell.

I also guess Obama isn’t concerned about the cost associated with the Libya operation like he was about Iraq.

Make sure you read the transcript from today’s announcement to draw comparisons to the lead up to Iraq.  They are extremely similar.  The only real difference seems to be that we are not in the lead this time around.  Different people will have different feelings on that.  However, the similarities are undeniable.

Just for the hell of it, here’s Bush announcing the invasion had started.


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