Finally! Someone Else Addresses Bush vs Obama On Gas Prices

For years now you heard me talk about this issue on my radio show, this blog, and my podcast.  Why is it that Obama gets no flak for gas prices being at historic highs?  We all know the answer, even if we won’t admit it to ourselves.


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  1. Now there’s a dumb comparison. I guess Obama caused all the unrest in the Middle East.

    • Of course he didn’t, and neither did Bush. Anyone with elementary knowledge knows that.

      What was dumb was saying Bush conspired with his oil buddies to raise gas prices. What else is dumb is that the same people who made such ludicrous claims are now silent while gas is higher under Obama.

      At least some people are finally willing to acknowledge that the President has no control over gas prices. Too bad they weren’t intellectually honest back then.

      • [What was dumb was saying Bush conspired with his oil buddies to raise gas prices. ]

        Nobody made that claim. Most of the blame was put on conservative deregulation of commodities trading and that speculators were responsible for driving up the price of oil, which is probably the case with spiking oil prices now.

        Maybe you should read the news once in a while.

  2. Ben, you know better than that. The false claim about Bush’s oil conspiracy went viral, and then mainstream. To not recognize that, you are illustrating that you don’t read the news, not me. To say that argument wasn’t made is just silly. You have egg on your face over that one.

    Are you really ignoring Sen. Levin’s report claiming Bush artificially increased oil demand by add to the strategic reserve? Never mind the daily morning shows, magazines, editorial pages, comedians, liberal bloggers, and pundits who repeatedly made the claim that Bush and ‘Big Oil’ were conspiring against the American people.

    Which commodity deregulation did Bush enact again? I frequently run into BDS sufferers who cite the Commodity Futures Modernization Act, but you know that isn’t true. That was a Democrat supported bill signed into law by Clinton with bipartisan support. Your statement also ignores the fundamental commodity trade on the international level.

    I’ve interviewed several commodity traders, and industry professionals on my show. When I asked point blank how much effect Bush’s policies had on oil prices, all said minimal. OPEC, at the time, was far more influential on rising gas prices than domestic politics.

    Even if it were ‘conservative deregulation’ that led to the price increases, where are Bush’s fingerprints? If I can’t remember something he enacted, please remind me. Did he really deserve the baseless attacks on this issue? Or was it simply political expediency? Oh yeah, you’re denying that it ever happened. Sorry, forgot.

    Furthermore, one of the biggest issues conservatives have with Bush was that he increased regulation in so many sectors to historic highs. He wasn’t a staunch opponent of regulation. Let’s not forget his famous quote that he abandoned free market principals to save the free market. Dumbassery at its best.

    BTW, I’ve been reading your site off and on for a long time now, and have routinely quoted it on my shows. You’re not a crazy, and neither am I. However, we have to be careful to not allow those around us to suck us in.