Too Stupid To Check: Fox News Funded By The Government?

McGovern being arrested after he participated in a protest.



Congressman Jim McGovern (D-MA) said on the floor that he wanted to be ‘fair and balanced’ and end federal funding of Fox News if federal funding for NPR is ended.

Aside from giving the obvious response that Fox is a private company and NPR isn’t, I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that all news outlets get something that could be construed as ‘government funding.’  Of course the left will foam at the mouth once it’s found.  Even though it may be required by the FCC.

For the record, if any federal contributions to Fox (or any other news outlet for that matter) are found … I would agree with McGovern that they should stop.  Then again, I’m consistent on this issue and McGovern isn’t.

Do we really want to get into political donations by the media Jim?  And what about the Democrats News Corp gives to?  How about the fact that News Corp overlord, Rupert Murdoch was a major supporter of Al Gore, and Hillary’s Senate bid?  Or what about the other top executives at News Corp that give to Democrats?

  • Peter Chernin, president and COO of News Corp., supported John Kerry in 2004.
  • Gary Ginsberg, Executive Vice President for Corporate Affairs and Communications at News Corp., is a former Assistant Counsel to President Clinton.

I also wonder how McGovern felt about Sen. Cardin’s bill to bail out failing newspapers.  See NY Times contributions here.

Another tidbit I find interesting is that Fox News is the only major news outlet that allows free political donations by their employees.  If you work for Fox you can donate to whomever you wish without asking permission (I’m looking at you MSNBC).


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