New Police Drone Can Look Inside Your Home


But don’t worry, it’s not its ‘intended purpose.’

The Micro Air Vehicle, or MAV for short, is a small radio controlled drone aircraft equipped with a portable camera system.

This is the same unit used by the military FYI.

“What happens when they fly over backyards and they see something without a warrant that they want to take against,” said ACLU Executive Director Howard Simon.

Well then … they’d have probably cause.

Police admit the MAV, if flown low enough, has the ability to look into people’s home, but that is not its intended purpose.

Uh … yeah.  Sure it won’t.

It’s bad enough that you can be arrested for being naked in your own home if a neighbor can see you, but now the police will have full authority to peer into your windows.  Do not make the mistake of thinking you are protected by privacy laws.


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