Pro-Abortionists: Is This A Human Baby?

Six week old finger

Regular listeners of mine know I’m not a member of the motivated anti-abortion crowd.  Abortion laws in the United States need to be changed, and there is no argument about that among reasonable people.  What those changes should be is up for debate among the interested parties.  Roe v Wade should, of course, be overturned because it was an illegal act of the Supreme Court. Congress’s place is make law, and they should go to work on behalf of their constituents doing so when Roe v Wade is overturned.

Over the years as I looked into the abortion issue I was surprised to learn that the United States has the civilized world’s most permissive abortion laws.  A woman can abort her pregnancy here later than virtually anywhere else in the entire world.  Considering the rest of the world, and the legal trends here, this is extremely surprising.

The right and left in this country constantly bickers over abortion, and the debate usually descends into nonsensical bile.  As I’ve argued on my show for many years, those who argue against abortion from a religious standpoint have only aided it becoming more accepted and mainstream.  If you argue against abortion using religion, you automatically lose.  Those who argue in favor of it as a women’s health issue or choice ignore basic medical science, and are patently hypocritical.

The only way to successfully debate this issue is with hard, provable facts.  Not opinion, religion, or philosophy.

I recently came upon the picture you see to the left, and it brought about many questions for me on this issue.  Is my current philosophy on abortion good enough?  How would a reasonable pro-abortion advocate respond to this picture, and the others I’ll show you later in the post?  Would a religious zealot ruin the inarguable power of these images in order to advance their faith rather than their position on abortion?  Do these images confirm their arguments?

A while back I was Stumbling around the internet and I came upon a diagram someone had made.  It had several images with captions saying something of the sort of ‘this isn’t this.’  An example would be that an egg isn’t a chicken, and so on.  The last comparison was that a sperm wasn’t a human baby.  I wish I could find that diagram for you, but I failed in my search.

Obviously a sperm isn’t a human baby (it was a poor comparison, and so was the egg/chicken for that matter), but it got me thinking … at what point would this pr0-abortion advocate concede it was a human baby?  Really, that’s the true debate over abortion.  At what point is the creature growing inside the womb considered a human baby?

I have no problem with the morning after pill.  It’s not murder, and the religious argument that life begins at conception is invalid in this case because you have no proof of conception the day after.  If fact, human conception usually occurs about two weeks after sex.  If you haven’t conceived, you can’t commit murder.  No matter what your faith dictates.  Contraception is a whole other issue that drives the fight against the morning after pill.

But at what point after conception will a reasonable (notice I keep using that caveat) pro-abortion advocate concede it’s a baby?

I’ve written and told you about Roben many times.  Roben is the child of one of my long time listeners.  She was born prematurely.  She was so premature that if her mother had chosen, she could of had a legal abortion in the United States.  Roben’s story is here.  There is absolutely no argument that current abortion laws in this country need to be changed if you read Roben’s story.  She was born as a human baby, survived as a human baby, and has now grown into a beautiful young girl.  Any woman who gets an abortion at 23 weeks is, in fact, murdering a human child.  Abortions in the US are allowed up to 30 weeks.

Given Roben’s development when she was born at 26 weeks, and that she was the size of a 23 week old baby, I knew there could be no debate that a fetus became a baby earlier than 23 weeks.  I just didn’t know how much earlier.

Then my wife showed me this.

It’s the story of a woman who miscarried at six weeks.  She took the opportunity to show the world what her miscarried baby looked like.  She was tired of drawings representing what was her actual baby.  When you see the real thing, it’s much more powerful than a drawing.

I see eyes, arms, legs, fingers and toes.

My wife said it’s hard to argue that isn’t a baby.  I agree.


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