Pro-HOA Rally In Las Vegas LOL!

I think you can file this under exclusive.  It’s insider information that I haven’t seen mentioned anywhere else.

There will be a pro-HOA rally in Las Vegas, NV this Thursday.  All of the details after the jump.

Gee, I wonder why Channel 13 News has devoted so much attention to HOA abuses these past several months?  The following email about the pro-HOA rally in Las Vegas seems to indicate that there aren’t any legitimate complaints about HOAs in Nevada.  The state where HOAs are so corrupt and abusive that we have our own federal task force to investigate those abuses.

Here’s the email:

This is a message from the owner of Camco:

Dear Board Members,

I wanted to make you aware of a Pro HOA Rally effort of two organizations CAMCO belongs to, those being CAI and CAMEO. There is a small minority of individuals who are gaining the attention of legislators and the media, slamming the HOA Industry and not representing the silent majority of homeowners who have chosen to live in an association and who are happy living in such a community.

Senator Allison Copening will be presenting a bill on Thursday, February 24th at 8:00 a.m. regarding homeowners associations. Senator Copening has gone to great lengths to show the positive side of living in an association. This is our opportunity to provide a forum for our homeowners and board members to have a voice and to be heard as the majority of satisfied homeowners who enjoy living in beautiful communities.

Attached, you will find an outline and timeline of the rally event to be held the morning of Thursday, February 24th. Please join us as a unified group of concerned members of the community to support homeowners associations and the volunteer board members that dedicate their time to support their community.

It is important that homeowner and board members show their support and have their voices heard. It is also important that we share the statistics that CAI complied regarding the overwhelming satisfaction rates of homeowners in community associations. Those statistics are attached.

We hope that you will spread the word on this as well as see your way clear to attend. It is a real shame that most of the legislation that is generated that affects your communities comes form the voices of these selected few that have the ear of the legislators. Now let them hear your voices!



I know, it’s laughable.

Ken, if there was a ‘small minority’ of homeowners causing this buzz, why is there a federal task force investigating Nevada HOAs?

Also, a majority of people in Clark County don’t ‘choose’ to live in HOAs, there is virtually no choice.  Residences in Clark County are virtually all in an HOA.  Some extremely expensive, old, or dilapidated homes are not in an HOA, but they are the rarity.  Whether you rent or buy in Clark County, you will live in an HOA if you are the average Nevadan.

There are Nevadans who are happy living in an HOA, but there are just as many who aren’t.  Beside that, HOAs are unconstitutional.  I’ve explained this several times before.  HOAs violate the Constitution’s Bill of Attainder provisions.  Here’s a podcast where I address the issue.

Considering the anti-HOA rallies recently have had pretty solid turnout, I wonder how many will show up to this pro-HOA rally?

I’d also like to point out that this email was only sent to HOA board members.  Are you too scared to send it to the residents of your HOAs Ken?


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  1. HOA’s suck! I live in an older neighborhood in Henderson, behind Green valley HS. We have no HOA but Henderson has a residential code that requires homeowners to maintain their property, landscaping, block walls etc. The code is 50 pages and covers most problems and is enforced by the city Code Enforcement Office. When you call the code enforcement people contact the homeowner, tell them what the problem is and give the owner time to correct the deficiency. Usually this is all that is required, the city can fine the owner if necessary. The few times I have complained the problem is solved within in few days. A side note my CC+Rs are no farm animals, no parking vehicles between the homes and no more than two dogs or cats, not bad for Southern Nevada.