Chase Bank, You Suck!

My latest statement from Chase

My wife and I used to use WAMU as our bank.  We caught them stealing money from us when the whole bank bailout thing was happening, and started moving our money to our new bank.  We fully intended to close all of our bank accounts with them.

Eventually, Chase bought WAMU with taxpayer dollars.  We still intended to close all of our accounts once we fully transfered banks.

We went in one day to close the accounts after we received letters from Chase outlining the new fee structure.  Our free accounts were no longer going to be free.  We were assured by the Chase manager that the letters we received were only for new accounts, and that WAMU accounts were grandfathered in and would remain free.  Ultimately, we decided to close one account and keep the other in case of an overdraft emergency.  We left 72 cents in that account months ago.

A few weeks ago we got another letter from Chase saying that free WAMU accounts (that we were assured would remain free) would no longer be free.  Shocking, I know.  The only way to maintain a free checking account was to always have at least $1,500 in the account.  Naturally, we decided to close the account.  Chase told us we had until the first week of February to do it.

Today I got this statement from Chase.  It seems they didn’t like the fact that I had 72 cents in my checking account, and arbitrarily decided to take it.  It’s still January, and we were told no fees would be assessed to this account until February.

So thank you Chase.  Thank you for taking my tax dollars because you didn’t know how to do business properly.  Thank you for putting 5 day holds on my paycheck so I couldn’t pay my bills on time.  Thank you for lying to me repeatedly.  Finally, thank you for stealing my 72 cents by arbitrarily making up a fee.  Apparently, I really didn’t need that 72 cents anyway.  Talk about nickel and diming.


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