Angle Gets Better Of Reid In Immigration Ad Battle


Sharron Angle’s new political ad accusing Harry Reid of being an illegal alien’s best friend was met with a swift response from Reid’s campaign via their own ad calling Angle a liar. Problem is, Angle is telling the truth.  Albeit, not without some spin.

In May 2006, the US Senate passed the Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act of 2006. The vote was 62-36. That bill allowed illegal aliens who were in the United States illegally for at least five years, passed a background check, and paid back taxes to become US citizens.

There was much debate about what would happen to the social security benefits that those immigrants had accrued while illegally in the country if they became citizens. Would they lose those benefits, and start over once citizenship was approved? Would they be allowed to keep those benefits since they are now citizens? US law at the time allowed them to get credit for those benefits.

All this debate led Nevada’s other senator, John Ensign, to propose an amendment to the bill. The Ensign amendment stated that illegals would not get social security benefits if their legal status changed as a result of the bill since those benefits were accrued as a result of unlawful activity. The amendment was defeated by a vote of 50-49 to table the amendment. That means they voted to remove the amendment from consideration rather than actually voting on the amendment itself. Harry Reid voted against considering the Ensign amendment.

Both sides bicker over this vote, and what it means. Reid says he didn’t vote to give social security to illegal aliens, and technically he’s right. Angle says he did, and technically she’s right as well.

Bottom line is Reid voted against an amendment which would have prevented illegal aliens from collecting social security benefits they accrued unlawfully.

Reid would also vote against another Ensign amendment in July 2007 that did the same thing in another bill.

Three times a charm though. Later in 2007 Reid voted for yet another Ensign amendment which finally made it illegal for for illegals to accrue social security benefits.

In Reid’s ad he alleges that he “wrote the bill” that prevented illegals from getting social security. That’s not true at all. In 2006 he sponsored Senate Resolution 551 which expressed ‘the sense’ that illegals shouldn’t get these benefits. He never authored any legislation that expressly forbid the practice. That was all Ensign.

Reid also touts his anti-immigration policies in his ad and on his website.  The truth is far different.  Most Americans know Reid has not been an ally in the fight against illegal immigration, but here’s a refresher.

Reid is clearly running from his record, and trying to reinvent himself once more in a tight election.

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