Taking Credit For The Work Of Others Mr. President?

Motivation By Casey Hendrickson

One of the things that gets me most angry is when people take credit for the accomplishments of others.  It’s something prevalent in the radio business, and I deal with it constantly.  Be proud of your own accomplishments, and not envious of other’s.

I predicted something two years ago that is coming true this week, and I’d hoped the President and the media would have conducted themselves with a little distinction and honor.  I knew it was a long shot to witness such behavior, but I held out a little hope.

Honor, integrity, and decency have become little more than myth with regards to the Iraq combat mission ending.  Our president’s behavior resembles the actions of someone who illegally downloads an MP3, or plagiarizes another’s work.  His actions do not reflect that of the free world’s leader.

The media is naturally not challenging him on his actions either. They are instead contributing to his behavior.


Obama keeps Iraq promise — will anyone notice?

As President Barack Obama marks the end of the U.S. combat mission in Iraq with a major address to the nation Tuesday evening, what should be a triumphant, “Yes, I did” moment for him will be overshadowed by continued violence in Baghdad, the bad economy, the war in Afghanistan and the president’s fading popularity.

For the third time in four days, Obama will hammer home a crucial message — promise kept — in an Oval Office speech to a war-weary nation, just hours after addressing troops at Fort Bliss, an Army post near El Paso, Texas. It’s an important moment, highlighting Obama’s role as commander in chief and allowing him to claim credit for ending the deeply unpopular, 7-year-old conflict he inherited from President George W. Bush.

“Yes, I did moment?”  “Claim credit?”

For what?

As my friend Jim Hoft points out, Obama didn’t do any of this.  It was handled before he even won the election.

So Obama won’t take credit for the economy before he was in office, but he’ll take credit the Iraq withdrawal agreement?

I told you earlier that two years ago I predicted what is happening now.  That prediction was Obama and the media would not give credit to the Bush administration for signing the agreement to get our troops home.

Casey Hendrickson – November 2008:

I just want this to be crystal clear, because number 2′s will try to give credit to Obama for this. The deal has been in the works for nearly a year now, since Iraq asked the US to stay indefinitely in their country.

Via CNN:
The security agreement, reached after months of negotiations between Iraqi and U.S. representatives, sets June 30, 2009, as the deadline for U.S. combat troops to withdraw from all Iraqi cities and towns. The date for all U.S. troops to leave Iraq would be December 31, 2011.

It would replace a U.N. resolution expiring at year’s end that sets out the role of U.S. and allied troops in Iraq.

The Iraqi government approved the pact Sunday, and now the measure is under debate in parliament, where there has been overheated discussion between proponents and opponents. A vote is expected next week.

That’s November 2008 when the agreement was signed, but the news had been full of stories about the negotiation process under way for nearly a year.  Now the media is allowing Obama to swoop in and take credit?

Shortly after the agreement was reached we noticed a dramatic decline in the number of stories about Iraq, and the candidates didn’t make much mention of it anymore.  At that time it was clear that President Bush had presided over the most successful military campaign in US history.  So the media and Obama needed a way to NOT make the troops coming home another Bush success.  That’s when Obama decided to extend US combat troop deployments 14 months longer than the agreed upon date between the Iraqi government and the Bush administration.

Casey Hendrickson – February 2009:

Today the AP is reporting that Obama will remove US combat troops from Iraq by August 2010, and that all US troops will be pulled out by December 2011. On the surface this looks good for Obama supporters, but Obama can’t take credit for getting US troops out of Iraq. That was ALL Bush.

In fact, before the election, Bush and the Iraqis signed the agreement to get all US troops out of Iraq by December 2011. So Obama can’t get any credit for that date of withdrawal. Especially since it was in the works for over a year at the time it was signed last November.

However, all US troops is different than US combat troops. So when did Bush say he would withdraw all US combat troops? Bush signed an agreement with the Iraqis to have all US combat troops out of Iraq by June 30, 2009. You’ll notice the date released by the Obama administration to have all US combat troops out of Iraq was August 2010. So Bush was actually going to withdraw our combat troops 14 months earlier than Obama! So much for hopeandchange.

In order to make the idea of bringing the troops home an Obama success, they needed to extend the deployment by a lengthy period of time so the American public would forget it was Bush and not Obama responsible for it.

At the time I was the only person on Earth discussing it, and my name started showing up on liberal talk shows as lefties asked those hosts if I was telling the truth.  Of course I was, and the liberal hosts didn’t deny it, but all of a sudden they were supportive of keeping the troops in Iraq longer to prevent a hasty withdrawal which would have led to violence.  The hypocrisy was dazzling!

Later that February the media actually picked up on my story.

Casey Hendrickson – February 2009:

Finally, the media is reporting that Obama is actually extending US combat troop deployments in Iraq longer than the Bush plan.  It’s something I reported several days ago, and was met with some skepticism. I just wish they’d give me a little credit for uncovering it for them.

Never did get that nod of appreciation by the way.

According to iCasualties.org, 105 US military personnel have been killed in Iraq since the Bush deadline of getting our combat troops home by June 2009 passed.  Did Obama’s political posturing further endanger the lives of our troops?  How many of those 105 Americans killed in Iraq to date could have been prevented if Obama had stuck with the Bush/Iraqi agreement?

That’s the story.


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