Sue Lowden Back In It

After the primary, Sue Lowden dropped off the political scene to do what she does best … create jobs and improve the local economy.

Lowden has been working diligently to bring the Silver State Arena to Las Vegas (her land is involved). Many wanted her to get involved in the Angle/Reid campaign.

Today she sent out an email to her subscribers weighing in on the campaign.

Sue Lowden:

Dear Friend of Liberty,

Thank you once again for all the support you gave me in our primary fight in the U.S. Senate race this year. You’ll never know how much your kindness and support meant to me and my family.
I appreciate that you are willing to open this email and I hope you will read all the important information here.

I got into the race with one thing in mind: To defeat Harry Reid. Period.

And my commitment to that cause hasn’t waned one bit, despite some media reports to the contrary. As I said in my concession speech back on June 8, I accept the decision of Nevada’s Republican primary voters. I congratulated Sharron Angle on her win that night, wished her well….and I meant it.

Still do. Even more so. And that’s why I’m writing you today – because I know that together we can defeat Harry Reid.

It appears the wagons are officially circling Sharron Angle. 

Danny Tarkanian sent out an email literally minutes after Lowden’s this morning in what appeared to be a coordinated effort. 

Tarkanian has also set up a website devoted to defeating Reid.


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