I Won An Award From The Heritage Foundation

The Heritage Foundation’s Henry Salvatori Prize for American Citizenship was awarded to people involved in the tea party movement this year.  I was beside myself when I opened the package from them this morning.  The video below is me opening the package to display the contents for you.  After all, many of you were involved in the movement and didn’t get any such award.

I can think of several people who are more deserving than me.  Most notably is my friend Susane Crawford, who organized the first Las Vegas tea party.  If it were not for her, we would not have had one on April 15 last year.  She caught a lot of flak from people who made no effort to organize a tea party of their own because they wanted it done differently.  Heather Kydd was also more involved behind the scenes than I was.  Chuck Muth secured the permit to throw the tea party at Sunset Park after park officials said they wouldn’t allow it.  There are several people who were more deserving of this prize.  That’s why I’m sharing it with all of them, and you.

Thank you everyone who made the movement possible, and thank you Heritage for recognizing their efforts.


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  1. Congrats Casey.

    I’m glad to see that you were recognized for your hard work.

    As for them obtaining your address. Maybe they used the Clark county assessor’s website to get that information. It’s scary how much information you can obtain from there.

    Long live Team Awesome!