Team Awesome’s Ratings For Their Final Month On KXNT

Unfortunately, there have been some slanderous and untrue rumors over the ratings Heather and I had while on the radio.  The fact of the matter is that we were the number one news/talk show in our time slot.  I’ve addressed that point a few times already.  However, I was going by the April ratings … not May.  We were let go on May 24.  This means that May’s ratings are the true ratings of our show at the very end, and as good as April’s ratings were … May’s were much better.

Before I give you the ratings I want to give you some inside information first.

Heather and I were consistently at the head of the pack in ratings for the last several years.  Even in the ratings periods we weren’t number one … we were a close number two before reclaiming our spot.

Not too long ago a new ratings system was implemented by our industry to better track ratings with greater detail, and accuracy.  This new system is called PPM.  Talk radio and AM stations all across the country took a nose dive when the new ratings system was rolled out.  Naturally, this caused some panic in the industry.

Shortly after this disturbing development Talkers Magazine published an article explaining the reason behind talk radio’s ratings slip nation-wide.  The new PPM devices that register ratings were not distributed to the primary demographic who listens to talk radio.  In other words, people who listen to talk radio weren’t given this new ratings device.  Hence, talk radio was getting smaller ratings because their audience wasn’t participating in the gathering of ratings data.

The reason for this was simple … you don’t give a new piece of technology (which may encounter problems) to an older audience which may have difficulty accepting and using the new device.  It was a problem that was promised to be rectified as the kinks were worked out with the new device.

A couple of years ago there was a meeting at our work with the sales staff in which there was a very interesting statement made.  One of the sales people said “we’ve never seen a talk radio audience this young before.”

Heather and I had succeeded in building the most diverse talk radio audience in Las Vegas.  Young and old alike were tuning in to our program.  Having so many younger people in a talk radio audience is rare, and we’d succeeded in adding a ton of young men.

People outside of radio will sometimes think they understand or know the ratings of specific shows or stations.  This usually isn’t the case because not all of the data is freely available to the public without some paid service.  As a result, the radio listener often falls victim to a station’s own self-promotion efforts rather than true ratings.

All of that is important for what I’m about to share with you.

Talk radio’s target demographic is men who are 35 years old to 64 years old.  Sometimes you’ll hear a demographic of 35 plus as our target, and that would be accurate as well.  When measuring ratings, you only care about your target demographic being solid; anything extra is icing on the cake.  I’m not concerned with my ratings for girls 10-18 years old, but I’ll take it if the ratings are good … catch my drift?

Without further adieu … our final month’s ratings.

Just news/talk ratings:

  • Men 18 plus – #1 … nearest competitor two ratings slots lower.
  • Men 25-54 – #1 … nearest competitor ten slots lower.
  • Persons 25-54 – #1 … tied with KNPR.
  • Persons 35-64 – #1
  • Men 35-64 (target demo) – #1 … nearest competitor ten slots lower.
  • Persons 35 plus – #1
  • Men 35 plus – #1 … nearest competitor eight slots lower.

Now the extra goodies.

Our overall ratings (AM, FM, Music, Spanish, News/Talk, Sports, Etc.):

  • Men 18 plus – #8 overall
  • Men 35-64 (target demo) – #8 overall
  • Men 35 plus – #8 overall

That’s right … our show was the 8th most listened to show by men in Las Vegas.  That is a major success … especially in Las Vegas.

It gets better though.

From April to May our ratings share went from 2.7 to 3.7 (very good).  This means that our show’s audience significantly grew in May.  So much so, in fact, that our show was the fastest growing talk show in Las Vegas at any time slot.  While every other talk show in May stayed relatively stagnant … we were adding droves of new listeners, and a lot of them were young men (18 plus).

We have all of you to thank for that.

So let’s recap.

In our last month on the radio we were:

  • The #1 news/talk show in our time slot.
  • The fastest growing talk show in Las Vegas.
  • The only local talk show (any time slot) making significant ratings gains.
  • The #8 most listened to radio program by men.

There has been some questions since we got cancelled about our ratings.  Then there was some false rumors that got spread around that we weren’t performing well.  I’m glad we got the chance to set the record straight, and thank all of you for making our program the success that it was.

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  1. I’m just curious, who had spreadthese rumors? I was under the impression that it was just a change in direction because a hot-shot new program director wanted to be a big swinging… well, you know.

    • We’ll just leave it that some rumors got started that shouldn’t have. In reality it was a format change to headline-reading news, and there wasn’t a place for a talk show anymore.

      • Well, KXNT really has lost all credibility. The morning newsblock is awful and I’m sorry but I like Alan Stock but his afternoon show is terrible. he is much more suited for the morning spot. They’ve done him a terrible disservice and I get he feeling listening to him that he is TERRIBLY uncomfortable in the new slot.

        I’m sorry but the only thing worth listening to is Rush. Hannity can’t carry his jock, sorry.

  2. Hi Casey,
    I truely miss you and Heather on the air. I quit listening to 840 and now listen to KDWN. I am 60 and listen to talk radio alot. I stay informed about local and national events. Alan can not hold that time slot they put him in. Did the BOSS leave and the change caused this embarassment? This has happen in Las Vegas before and the show host were not sucessful in landing another gig except Hedi Harris….go figure. Hang in there I am rooting for you.

    • We appreciate that. There’s no doubt that if the economy were better it would be certain we’d get picked up by another station. We just aren’t sure if they’ll be willing to spend the money to bring us on just yet. We should know something soon.

  3. The first mistake your old station made was, dumping Heidi Harris… the second was dumping “Team Awesome”. If I wanted to listen to “news readers? I can still get 1070 from LA. KDWN has the A.M. drive covered and “TA” had the P.M. drive slot well covered… MMMM wonder how it would be in Vegas with both drive times covered by ONE station MMM!!
    I can just dream of that….. (for now)

  4. You had a great program, lots of current accurate information, presented in an excellent format. Your big problem and demise was making the most powerful member of the US Senate look like a fool and we all heard it first hand. Your losing your job was connected to the Senior Senator from Nevada, if you search hard enought and turn over enought rocks, I’am sure the trail will lead back to CBS and his office. I don’t like the changes to 840 its all canned programing selling a product and re-runs. Stock was better in the morning. I have gone back to FM music. Take care, never quit and never let someone run you out….MAR

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