Lobbyists, Insurance, & Oil … Oh My! All Donating To Reid … Not Angle

Every now and then the universe delivers a wondrous moment of facepalm.  For Democrat voters looking to support Harry Reid this November … that wondrous moment in now.

Reid is wildly unpopular in Nevada … he has been for many elections now.  The draw of a little-respected state like Nevada having the Senate Majority Leader was too much last go-round … even for Republicans.  As a result, Reid won his last election with large Republican support.

Today is a new day.  Those in the GOP who help Reid to victory are gone.  The myth of Reid bringing heaps of awesome goodies to Nevada has been exposed, and he polls lower in popularity than President Bush and President Obama.  The loyalist liberal voters of southern Nevada, however, are still planning on embellishing his record and supporting him just the same.

Unless …

What if they will finally be open to reason, and to facts, and to holding Reid accountable over who is funding his campaign.  I know, it’s a pipe dream … so here’ s the info for you conservatives and Republicans to use against him.

Democrats have a list of industries they hate, and would like to see destroyed.  They believe these industries to be evil, corrupt, and to have too much influence on our government.  These industries are supporting Harry Reid … not Sharron Angle in this election.

All info via Opensecrets.org

  • Reid has received $2,176,431 from lawyers/law firms … Angle has received $4,000.  That’s 544 times more money from lawyers than Angle.
  • Reid has received $138,800 from the insurance industry … Angle has received $750.
  • Reid has received $82,500 from finance/credit companies … Angle has received $0.
  • Reid has received 26 times more money from commercial banks than Angle.
  • Reid has received $662,675 from securities and investments industry … Angle has only received $12,275.
  • Reid has received 6.5 times more money from oil and gas industry than Angle.
  • Reid has received $413,373 from lobbyists this election … Angle so far has $0.

Make sure that palm of yours is clean.

I’ve also podcast my thoughts on Angle winning, and this very issue here.

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