State Senator Dennis Nolan Is A Pile Of Garbage!

I would have posted this earlier in the day, but I was in some meetings.

Liberal pretending to be a conservative, Dennis Nolan (Sen. Dist. 9), has properly come under fire recently from his GOP primary opponent Elizabeth Halseth over his insistence that his friend who was convicted of rape is actually innocent.

Nolan, in a joint appearance with Halseth, on Jon Ralston’s program even hinted that the jury only convicted his friend because they were essentially tortured (by liberal standards), and held for 14 hours.

He also pointed out that the Supreme Court will hear his friend’s case.  Gee, I wonder if a certain state senator pulled any strings with a corrupt judiciary to get his buddy’s case heard?

Much was made of Nolan getting a subpoena to testify as a character witness for his friend, and that Halseth was overplaying her hand in criticizing Nolan over it.  However, continuing to defend a convicted rapist as an innocent victim who’s conviction was the result of abusing the jury is campaign no no.

Don’t worry though, Nolan said on Ralston’s program that his convicted rapist buddy hangs out with his kids all the time.

Just when you thought things had died down a little in the race … Nolan, in all of his infinite dumbassery, actually called the sister of his buddy’s rape victim and offered her a bribe.  Uh oh!

So here’s a recap of what we got:

  • Dennis Nolan is a liberal tax and spender who tries to hide behind the elephant badge … his voting record here.
  • He hangs out with a convicted rapist.
  • He claims said rapist is innocent, and was only convicted because the jury was abused by authorities.
  • Then he called the victims sister to offer her a bribe to shut up.

Dennis Nolan … do not run into me in an alley.

You can listen to the audio of the call to the victim’s sister here.


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  1. so… what was your meeting about???

    • About work … no specifics until something is concrete. There’s a lot of legal issues in leaving a station. As soon as something is done … we’ll let everyone know.