Quick Rundown Of My Conservative Leadership Conference Experience

I’m not going to run down the whole thing, but there were a few things of note I was going to mention on my show.  Well, we all know how that went down.

The M Resort is fantastic looking, and was a good venue for Citizen Outreach’s event.  I hope they hold others there in the future.

I looked great, and got many compliments on my suit.  The Brown Boss always melts hearts.

I entered the room after mingling outside for a bit, and perpetual candidate Wayne Allen Root was speaking.  He was dynamic and energetic as always.  Root is one of the best public speakers I’ve heard.  There is one problem though … it’s the same speech every time … yada, yada, yada … Mustang Ranch … yada, yada, yada.  It’s always good and entertaining, but let’s see if he can branch out from his safety net next time.

Sharron Angle spoke, and was a dry and boring as always.  She looked sharp though with a red and black suit.  When it comes to looking like a senator … she usually struggles mightily.  Wardrobe scored an A this time around.

Unfortunately, she is still a terrible speaker.  By terrible I don’t mean she mangles everything she says like Bush or Obama.  She speaks clearly, but is dull as hell.  I spoke with several people about this throughout the day, and all agreed.  We like her and her policies … just don’t let her ever talk.

Angle didn’t wow the room, but received many supportive applauses (before everyone fell asleep … did I mention she went long?).

She finally copped to voting for a legislative pay raise she’d been denying.  She said she was sorry, and had made a mistake about not remembering the vote.  She then said she voted for it because there hadn’t been one in 16 years.  There was a reason for that Sharron.

Bruce James of the SAGE Commission had some trouble gathering his thoughts and eventually descended into a pro-Gibbons propaganda officer.  Elect Gibbons cause he’s never raised taxes this, he’s never raised taxes that, if you vote for anyone else taxes will go up, etc.  LIES, LIES, LIES!

It’s clear that the Gibbons camp has embraced, and perfected, the tactic of lie until it’s true.

New Nevada GOP chairman Mark Amodei was great in his speech, and clearly put people at ease about his new strategy.  He was entertaining, informative, and inspirational.

Dean Heller … well, it’s Dean Heller.  He was fantastic!

Sue Lowden clearly stole the show (where was Tarkanian?).  At least as far as candidates are concerned.  She had the room eating out of her fingers, and her goal was to go for the throat.

She held up a newspaper that had Nevada’s newest 14.2% unemployment number (add Heather and I to that, and it’s gone up).  Lowden stole the crowd when she held that up and questioned why Reid was focusing on chickens instead of those people.

She also promised to work to reduce Senate pay and benefits, and talked about the Senate having a 401k like everyone else.

She also promised to not run more than two terms … insert deafening applause here.  I’m still skeptical.

I teased her about the bucket of chicken Chuck Muth promised, and getting to ride in the bus.  I was joking around with her, but she looked at Heather and I and asked if we’d like to go on tour with her.  I told her I’d have to clear it with my boss, but it looks like my schedule has cleared up.  Still interested Sue?

As most of you know … Heather and I were on the first panel.  Our topic was immigration and whether it was a losing issue for the GOP.

As we approached the start time of the panel there was no Dawn Gibbons (third member of the panel) to be seen.

So late was Dawn, we subbed our moderator (Ciara Turns) in her place and Chuck was going to moderate.  Just as we were all introduced … in walks Dawn Gibbons.  Musical chairs is not fun in a suit.

Heather went first and gave a great speech.  As she was speaking I could see Dawn shaking a little bit, and glancing at my notes.  I thought that was odd until she stepped up to the podium to give her speech.

Apparently, Dawn Gibbons is the only person in the world who didn’t know we were talking about immigration.  She repeatedly … and I mean repeatedly … said she was not made aware of the topic for discussion.  Um, your name has been on the CLC website for three weeks under the immigration panel.  You mean you didn’t check the website of the event you were speaking at?  Really?

Dawn’s whole speech was about talk radio, and how to connect with your audience.  At least I think that’s what it was about.  I was too focussed on the yawns, confused stares, and giggling coming from the audience as they tried to comprehend what she was saying and why she wasn’t talking about immigration.  What the hell is a noob to talk radio doing lecturing others on the industry anyway?

Finally it was my turn.

I figured I would have to wake the audience back up after Dawn was finished.  What better way to wake them up than with a joke …  a teleprompter joke.  Something for which I’ve been getting some light-hearted jawing for doing, but I figured it appropriate considering the train wreck that had just happened.  I also joshed ol’ Chuck as well.  Once they were awake, I started.

I think it went well.  Though I seemed to confuse some people by taking a neutral stance on the issue.  I figured during the question and answer period my personal beliefs would come out, and they did.

Heather and I had much praise heaped upon us … Heather and I.  Dawn vanished.  That woman is a magician!

I was then accosted for half an hour or so by a PaulTard conspiracy theorist who was arguing about immigration policy, China, money, gold, the 70’s, mortgages, government, the Fed, loans, property values, psychosis, paranoia, Ron Paul, Ron Paul, Ron Paul.  You know the type folks.  I don’t have to spell it out for you.

This sad man had no facts or evidence of his theories (I asked), but got very upset when I said I don’t base my life decision off of gut theories.  He would go on to argue with some other people, and then I would catch him stealing several people’s seats at the conference.  Seriously, what the hell?

Heather and I mingled some more, had lunch, gossiped about possibly getting fired, and bailed before the 2pm panels.  On my way out I notices a particularly jolly Bob Beers … guess retirement is being kind to him.


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  1. I saw you talking to that guy and I wanted so badly to step in and “save you” but I couldn’t leave my post at the table. From where I was sitting, it was amusing. In a painful way.

    I did miss Lowden speak and wish I hadn’t. But I wasn’t impressed with her presence there at all. Too many “handlers” around her while Angle was just Angle. Just my take.