Did Plus-Size Lingerie Ad Banned By Fox & ABC Cross The Line

Lane Bryant has a new lingerie line for women who aren’t half stick-mantis.  As with all advertising, they launched a commercial ad campaign to get word out that ‘plus-size’ women can look sexy too.  I have a major problem with the term ‘plus-size’ in this case … since when did ‘plus-size’ mean average size and freakin hot?

Like most people online I was immediately offended at the ban by two networks that are currently running Victoria’s Secret ad for their new line The Nakeds.  The video started disappearing from everywhere online, and even Lane Bryant pulled it off of their official YouTube channel, and their webpage.  Why would a company who is just in battling double standards against two networks not be willing to showcase what all the fuss was about?

Perhaps Fox and ABC were right.  Maybe the ad did cross the line.

Well I found the ad, downloaded it, and have posted it below.  Did the ad cross the line?  You be the judge.


It seems the reason the video can’t be shown has been discovered.  Sexy women cause earthquakes … not joking about this.

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