Clark County School Board Wastes More Money While Threatening Jobs

The CCSD board of trustees recently approved a tentative budget that could force the removal of 1,077 school district employees.  Roughly half of those jobs would be teachers.

The board predictably blamed lower than expected property tax revenue, and claimed that 649 jobs could be saved if all district employees took a 5% pay cut.  Fine, issue the pay cuts, but they’ll never be agreed upon as long as the CCSD elite continue to draw six figure salaries while not delivering any measurable improvements.

What makes this all so underhanded is that the school board also decided to spend up to $100,000 to hire an agency to fill the now vacant superintendent position vacated by Walt Rulffes.  That’s right … $100k to find someone who’ll likely be paid three times that much if history is any indicator.  The board is threatening jobs if pay cuts aren’t accepted while at the same time spending up to $100,000 for an unneeded service.

The school board must be extremely busy not doing their job for them to not be willing to engage in the very simple task of interviewing potential replacements to fill the shoes of the easily replaceable Walt Rulffes.  A few ads in industry publications should have done the trick.  Instead, the board felt it necessary to spend the equivalent of two teachers’ salaries to have a company find us candidates.  Is the board conceding that they really don’t know what they are doing, and that they clearly don’t have the qualifications to even know where to begin looking for a superintendent?

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